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Sorai - the Flavours of Borneo Sauces

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For creative diners and home cooks with adventurous taste buds: Exotic Borneo on your plate!

What You Get

  • You get to enhance your cooking and dining experience with our Plant-Based range of unique, flavoursome with various 'spicy' options products.
  • You are spoiled with 9 versatile Bori Range Sauces for use as dip, dressing, marinade and for cooking.
  • You can create your very own 'signature' dish with our new Cooking Pastes: Baruk Range
  • You get:
    • Available options for vegetarians and vegans
    • Options of low fat / salt / sugar
    • Options with no artificial preservatives / colours / flavours
    • Recyclable packaging
    • 1 year shelf life (from manufacturing date)
    • Embrace ethical & healthy eating
    • 5 food rating
    • Unique flavours

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