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Sorai Sauces

Sorai - the Flavours of Borneo Sauces: Bori Range Cooking Sauces: Baruk Range For creative diners and home cooks with adventurous taste buds: Borneo on your plate!

We pride ourselves for producing a range of versatile spicy sauces that could enhance your cooking and dining experience. You can use the sauces as a dip, dressing, marinade and for cooking and you can choose the spice heat level of your choice from simply mild to crying hot. We currently have 9 of these Sauces.
We also just launched our Baruk Range: Cooking Sauces which comes in 3 flavours. Cooking Sauces

Sorai's sauces: - available options for vegetarians and vegans - options of low fat and / or sugar - options with no artificial preservatives/colours/flavours -recyclable packaging - 1 year shelf life - embrace ethical and healthy eating and lifestyle - 5 food rating

Sorai is a micro, artisan business with ethical values and astronomical ambitions (!). Come and visit our store at various music festivals, local community events, food festivals and other festivals both local and regionally throughout the year near you. Sauces Cooking Sauces

We invite you to join us with marketing through words of mouth and recommends our products to families, friends and strangers (!) as we strongly believe that our customer has the power to champion, influence and shape our business.

We sell directly to customers and businesses in the hospitality and food service industry.

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