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About Sorai

Sorai is an ethical micro business and we are based in the scenic town of Abergavenny, Wales, UK.

This is our home away from home, Borneo.

We try to capture the many flavours of Borneo and combined that with our tribal roots as well as the fusion flavours that reflect our gastronomic journey. Our logo includes a mortar and pestle which represents the most common and essential food preparation equipment in any traditional and modern kitchen.

Our products derived from the many years of recipe development and have been subjected to the taste buds of families, friends and at community and corporate events.

About Sorai

We started with preparing our sauces to be conveniently available at home. After much thought, we are making our sauces available to the general public to enjoy. Our quality, flavoursome and versatile sauces (Bori Range) and our newly launched cooking paste (Baruk Range) are all plant based, priced to suit most pockets.

We are an ethical business driven to promote home based cooking, healthy wellbeing and diet. We believed that our sauces can enhance your cooking and dining experience. They are also suitable for any dining pursuit from camping food to gourmet dishes. Our packaging are mostly recyclable and we work hard to be kind to our beautiful planet. Ethical, unique and artisan; these are our values.

Show your inner chef with Sorai !

About Sorai

We get supports and advices from various bodies to ensure that we comply with legal requirements on our shelf life, labelling to name but a few and be kept abreast of any new legislations and trading requirements.

We sell directly to customers, selected retailers and businesses in the hospitality and food service industry.

Happy tasting!

Sorai starts its 7th year in 2021