Happy New Year to you. We look forward to serving you with our delicious sauces and pastes.


Check out what some of our customers have to say about our sauces...

Just marinated some turkey breasts in the Fiery Balsamic Pineapple sauce. Then had it in wraps with lettuce. Mmmmmm. Was stunning! Thank you.

N. Stevenson, via Facebook

'I have tried a lot of hot sauces and Sorai's Grilled Pepper Sauce is the most flavoursome and best balance in heat I have ever tried. I used it to improve chicken burgers- better than the hot sauces you get from the supermarket'

Mr. R. Hughes, Llandidloes (Mid wales)

'Tribal; it's a lovely paste and we had it with chicken stir fry and it was brilliant. I'm going to put it on Salmon next because of it's lemon content, it should be fantastic!

R.Graham, via email

Gorgeous sauces and the Daring Hot Soy Sauce and Chilli Nut Sauce have greatly improved the taste of my cooking and salads. Only wish I'd been able to buy more at the Cardiff Food Festival but was limited by the amount I could carry!

B. Daniels, via Facebook

'Aromatic, spicy and addictive' It probably is the best chilli-related sauce I've ever had and believe me I've had hundreds.'

M. Lawler, via Facebook

'ChilliNut sauce is delicious with grilled mackerel, oat fried laver bread and minted peas.'

R. Fisher, Porthcawl

Thank you so much for creating such wonderful sauces, I bought some today from your stall at Shobdan. Let me tell you, and please don't be offended but the screaming pineapple sauce is brilliant drizzled over pizza. I also think it will be good on a nice mixed salad that has some fruit in. Thank you.

P. Hadley, Kingswinford

Fantastic as sauces and in stir fry!! If you haven't tried these your missing out!! Easily some of best sauces iv ever tried!!!

G. Harbon, via Facebook

Bought 3 sauces at St Fagans. Not your typical generic hot sauces. Love the soy and peanut hot sauces. Really flavoursome.

M. Davies, Swansea

Scorching ChilliNut; yummy and I wish I had bought another one.

E. Hammett, Swansea

I just add a few drops of Furious Tomarind to a little olive oil and a little white wine vinegar and shake it together to make a salad dressing that takes a standard salad to a seriously spicy level. Now I started I can't stop !!

B. Jackson, via online form