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4 Products : Podi Gift Box

£18.30 inc VAT

Find 4 products of your choice for your gift box.

Options Available:

ChilliNut (160gm)
Scorching ChilliNut (160gm)
Flaming Grilled Pepper (160 gm)
Intense Ginger Garlic (160 gm)
Tempting Onion Balsamic (160 gm)
Fiery Balsamic Pineapple (160 gm)
Screaming Pineapple (160 gm)
Daring Hot Soy (160 ml)
Furious Tomarind (160 gm)
Rendangerous (120gm)
LaksaRomin (120gm)
Tribal (120gm)