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Baruk Range: Cooking sauce

Baruk Range: Cooking sauce

Monday 14th September 2020

Our cooking sauce Baruk range was launched on Saturday 12th September on the virtual St.Fagan Food Festival. We have Rendangerous, LaksaRomin and Tribal Cooking sauce; all with no artificial ingredients and all are plant-based.

They are ideal for those who wants flavour but not the spice so you can add chillies, salt and pepper to your liking. This makes the cooking sauce range also suitable for families with young palate who wants to try new flavours without being overpowering as you can adjust the sauces to your liking.

Our cooking sauce allows you to cook with fewer ingredients such as your main ingredient/s and the sauce to make this very convenient. Add the sauces at the start or mid way cooking so the other ingredients can absorb the flavours.

Why not try these recipes Rendangerous: Humble Beef Rendang / LaksaRomin: Romin Chicken and Veg Fry / Tribal: Tribal Beef Stir Fry or create your own family favourites.

Give them a try and create your very own special dishes with these flavoursome, aromatic and artisan sauces.