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Sorai's future.

Sorai's future.

Wednesday 22nd February 2023

Borneo inspired; spell out the exotic ingredients we use in most of our products. At Sorai, we offer the real taste buds experience, taking our customers on a gastronomic adventure. With the global price rising in agriculture amongst others, our costs are very much affected.

We had seen the price rise since Brexit, the effect of Suez Canal blockage, Covid and the war in Ukraine. We have experienced a huge jump on prices and it is not slowing down. Our supply chain from raw ingredients to packaging have hiked their prices again, with 2023 being no exception.

Our bottles and jars has been hit to a further 25% increase from April 2023, the first amongst many price rises to be made by our many suppliers.

Where do we go from here? What will Sorai do? We are revising our plans and looking at avenues for a SMARTER strategy. There is no doubt that we will have to increase our prices to reflect the rising cost of our business within its linkages.

Meantime, we at Sorai can't thank you all enough for the support we receive since our inception almost 9 years ago.

We are grateful and thankful to all our customers who have been supporting us throughout this troubled times and for those who have always stand with us on our journey. We still need you! #SoraiSpice #AdventuroustastebudsSorai #mytribalsauce