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Flaming Garlicky Infused Rice

Feeds : 1 person

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6 gm / 1 medium clove garlic
5-6 gm olive oil or any types of cooking oil
150 gm cooked rice
2-3 gm spring onions - washed and sliced
20-25 gm Flaming Grilled Pepper

Cooking Instructions

In a non-stick pan over medium low fire add oil and garlic.
Stir until turning slightly golden.
Turn off the fire.
Add Flaming Grilled Pepper and stir.

Pour immediately over warm rice. Alternatively, allow to cool down if you are using cold rice.

Stir well. Garnish with slices of spring onions.

Serve with any dish you wish or with Scorching ChilliNut Prawns as in picture.