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Humble Beef Rendang


Serve: 5


950 gm - 1 kg beef joint - cut to small cubes or
(Meatless Protein option: 150 gm soya chunks (or equivalent to 950 gm soaked); soak as manufacturer's instructions, drain excess water)
1 jar Rendangerous
100 ml water
1 can coconut milk ( 60% coconut milk content minimum )- take only the white milk fat


TIP: Use high content coconut milk of 60% coconut milk content minimum or more otherwise get 2 cans to make up that amount. Refrigerate the cans to separate the fat and scoop ONLY the white fat content at the top of the can/s. Discard the rest.

In a pot, preferably thick based or non stick, add the cubed beef,Rendangerous, coconut milk fat, water and mix. Cover the pot.

Turn on the fire to medium low and cook until simmering.
Once starting to simmer, lower the fire and allow to simmer further until sauce thickens. Stirring twice or more in between.

Total cooking time 1 hour or more until very tender.

Garnish with coriander leaves (optional). Serve with rice and vegetables/ salad or anything you fancy.

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