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Social Media Went In Sync!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Social Media Went In Sync!

I am no millennial so social media is not my forte. After years of planning of what we want out of Sorai's social media platform, only now did we managed to get it sorted. Thanks to the support we received doing so during the Covid-19 lockdown, otherwise would be one of those unfulfilled plans.

We now have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in sync and one profile logo across all. Changing the logo was hard enough lacking the knowledge of specific software. Finally, I was told ' this is one to leave for the expert' and there it was 5 minutes job for resizing Sorai's logo to fit the 3 medium which again would have been an unfinished job if I was to do it myself. To be honest, I have tried but to no avail! I guess I can sum that I cannot master it all. There is so much to learn and so little time whilst the grey and wrinkles (aging) gives no mercy.

My moto of 'learning is an ongoing experience' thrives but is slow paced. #sorailockdown #mytribalsauces

So, a big THANK YOU to those who reads our post, website visitors, our followers and 'like' received on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you for your support and keeping Sorai company during this daunting times.

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