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The making of Sorai

A very BIG thank you to all that had visited our stand at local and regional events. Thank you for all the interest you all have showed towards our products, thank you for those who have made an order and we look forward to do business with everyone else who have expressed their interest.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 to all

Sorai- for any dining pursuit!

Screaming Pineapple- Summer Sale

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Screaming Pineapple sale marks our 1st ever online sale. Get yours at 50p cheaper on Great with seafood, chicken, pour over salad and you can discover more! Sale ends on 13th August or until stocks last whichever is soonest. P&P is not included. Buy any 1 to 4 sauces with a flat rate of £5.00 P&P. Stocks are best before End August 2020.… view more »

Utter Surprise!

Monday, June 15th, 2020

The record of highest hit for website visitors on 3rd September 2016 which was highly contributed by exhibiting at the Car Fest, Hampshire, has been beaten. Aghast! How could this be when such huge gatherings are impossible? Might there be a secret event somewhere out of the radar?

The 5th June is now our new record. Covid-19 has changed the landscape of our website visitor chart by quite a bit. We are very grateful to those who checked our website and those who gave us trading business during these hard times. Thank you all.… view more »

Limited Stocks

Friday, May 29th, 2020

Borneo inspired; spelt out the exotic ingredients we use in most of our products. At Sorai, we offer the real taste buds experience therefore we do not tweak our flavours to accommodate local palate but rather taking our customers on a taste buds adventure. Due to this, we have been unable to secure the supply chain to produce more stocks during this pandemic.

We are however, confident that we will pick up where we left off with our production once boarders and lockdown measures are lifted globally.

We are gratefully thankful to all our customers who have been supporting us throughout this troubled time and for those who have always stand with us on our journey. We still need you! #SoraiSpice #AdventuroustastebudsSorai #mytribalsauce… view more »

P&P Update

Friday, May 29th, 2020

We always strive to offer best value for our customers and this includes how we calculate the Postage & Packaging (P&P). The P&P of £5.00 is for quantity of 1-4 product/s. Any more than that, your order will be split into 2 parcels or more; posted via Royal Mail. This enable Sorai to remove the VAT element from customers hence making the P&P cheaper by 20%, instead of £6.00.… view more »

Raffle : A Chance To win

Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Throughout the end of November 2019 to mid March 2020, we have been running a free raffle at our stall at various events locally and nationally. This was a chance to win our upcoming range of cooking sauce. We have now drawn our winners of the raffle, a lot later than anticipated due to Covid-19.

Thank you very much for those who have taken part in the raffle. Many congratulations to the lucky ones. Thank you all for your interest.… view more »

Social Media Went In Sync!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

I am no millennial so social media is not my forte. After years of planning of what we want out of Sorai's social media platform, only now did we managed to get it sorted. Thanks to the support we received doing so during the Covid-19 lockdown, otherwise would be one of those unfulfilled plans.

We now have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in sync and one profile logo across all. Changing the logo was hard enough lacking the knowledge of specific software. Finally, I was told ' this is one to leave for the expert' and there it was 5 minutes job for resizing Sorai's logo to fit the 3 medium which again would have been an unfinished job if I was to do it myself. To be honest, I have tried but to no avail! I guess I can sum that I cannot master it all. There is so much to learn and so little time whilst the grey and wrinkles (aging) gives no mercy.

My moto of 'learning is an ongoing experience' thrives but is slow paced. #sorailockdown #mytribalsauces

So, a big THANK YOU to those who reads our post, website visitors, our followers and 'like' received on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thank you for your support and keeping Sorai company during this daunting times.… view more »

Our online shop will be back to normal on Monday 4th May.

We thank all our customers and visitors for their support throughout this turmoil period.


Sorai… view more »

Borneo roots

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

A very Happy New Year greetings from Borneo.

We are now in Borneo for over a month's stay to revisit familiar flavours and to recreate new flavours for our future range.

Things has changed quite a lot with new roads unfamiliar to one. Services in general are still slow although there has since been improvements to some to include online services. Some new infrastructures have overshadowed some old historic ones marking modern development embraced by many developing countries. Borneo is as beautiful as it sound, a reminder of the rich flora and fauna and yet to be discovered spices by scientist, yet known to many indigenous tribes with defined local names. With the sweep of modern waves in most areas, little local tribal knowledge are passed on to the new generations such as traditional medicines and uses of local resources. Although community spirits still prevail and seen in local activities but to limitation as there are less hard labouring work such as toiling at paddy fields to name a few.

Borneo and narrowing it down to a local tribe that I am proud to belong to is what shaped Sorai.

Thank you to all Sorai's visitors and customers and to our followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and for all the 'like' and feedback.

We, at Sorai thank you all for your continued support.… view more »

We haven't said enough!

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Visitors to our website and our stand are very important to us at Sorai. So are our followers and readers of our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Thank you to those who gave us a 5* review, those who join our mailing list, those who join the Sorai's family via online form and those who have given us permission to use their feedbacks, photos et cetera for our marketing and promotional purposes.

We are grateful for your support. Thank You.… view more »

Sorai is 5!

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

This is the year when we at Sorai will review the way we do things and determine our plans post 5 years!

So far, business has been quiet and manageable and we plan to do things differently in the future. We are working hard to look at ways to be SMART(+ER with greater focus on evaluation and review) in all our linkages whilst still embracing our ethical values especially on being 'green'. We are as passionate as ever about offering products with focus on healthy options whilst still clinging close to our tribal Bornean roots.

On Borneo, we salute those who works hard to save the rainforest and its habitats such as the orang utang to the unknown species yet to be discovered by foreigners! This topic touches us deeply.

We are working on reviewing our recipes online with better quality pictures (!) and planning to do more videos for our audience/s.

We thank you all for being with us throughout our journey and hope you all will continue to support Sorai for years to come.… view more »

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