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Rendang Cooking Set

Rendang Cooking Set

Wednesday 28th October 2020

Rendang is a complex dish with explosive flavour of rich tender coconut beef stew. The Rendang Cooking Set comes with our signature plant based Rendangerous and a can of coconut milk. You need only add bite-sized cube beef cuts, water and season with salt if desired.

The Humble Beef Rendang recipe calls for all ingredients to be added together at the start, put the lid on and turn on medium low fire. Once simmer, lower the fire to low. Season with salt at the end. This is a dish that is easy to do but begs a bit longer of your time so, patience is essential here especially as you have to leave the dish to simmer away over low fire.

You can substitute beef with other types of meat cuts and soya chunks if you are after a meatless dish.

Enjoy with a warm bed of rice and stir fry vegetables.

The Rendang Cooking Set was launch on 27 October, 2020.

The Rendang Gift Set is priced at £5.50 exclude P&P of £4.85. You can order up to 3 of the sets for the same P&P of £4.85 to be delivered to the same address in the mainland UK. 2 or more sets will arrive in 1 parcel and not individually packed.