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XMAS SEASONing Exotic Gift Box

XMAS SEASONing Exotic Gift Box

Wednesday 28th October 2020

1st November marks a new chapter for Sorai as we launch our first XMAS SEASONing exotic Gift Box selection. Customers are now able to choose the box value based on their budget. They are also able to choose which products ( Sauces , Cooking Sauce ) they want for that special someone for Christmas or for any occasion.

Gift boxes can also be personalised with a personal message which will appear on the box. We strive to go 'green' so we encourage our customers to reuse the ribbons and recycle all the packaging materials except the address and message note, the latter printed on thermal non recyclable material.

We, at Sorai are taking this opportunity to thank our customers for their support during this season and pandemic. We wish everyone a safe and joyful Christmas.

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