Prawn and egg with vegetable chow mien


250-300g yellow egg noodles
130-150 cooked prawns (if frozen, defrost and drain water)
180-200g bean sprout
40-50g mangetout
2-3 eggs
40g cooking oil
1-2 stalk spring onion - slice thinly
50ml hot soy sauce
3 table spoon oyster sauce -optional
Fresh chillies, chopped - optional for more heat
2 stalks Pak choi- optional
A pinch of salt - optional
A pinch of pepper - optional

Heat up wok or pan. Add cooking oil. Once hot add onion and garlic and stir until soft. Add prawn and mix well. Move all the ingredients in the wok or pan to one side. Add eggs on the other side - do not mix with the other ingredients in the wok/ pan. When the eggs look harden at the base, mix until you have the eggs fully cooked. Once this is done, mix all the ingredients that are in the wok / pan together. Add noodles, mangetout, bean sprout and optional fresh chillies, pak choi, salt and pepper. Add oyster sauce if used and Hot Soy Sauce and mix well until noodles are hot and all the ingredients fully cooked. Add chopped spring onions, stir. Switch off fire and serve.

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