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The making of Sorai

Borneo roots

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

Borneo roots

A very Happy New Year greetings from Borneo.

We are now in Borneo for over a month's stay to revisit familiar flavours and to recreate new flavours for our future range.

Things has changed quite a lot with new roads unfamiliar to one. Services in general are still slow although there has since been improvements to some to include online services. Some new infrastructures have overshadowed some old historic ones marking modern development embraced by many developing countries. Borneo is as beautiful as it sound, a reminder of the rich flora and fauna and yet to be discovered spices by scientist, yet known to many indigenous tribes with defined local names. With the sweep of modern waves in most areas, little local tribal knowledge are passed on to the new generations such as traditional medicines and uses of local resources. Although community spirits still prevail and seen in local activities but to limitation as there are less hard labouring work such as toiling at paddy fields to name a few.

Borneo and narrowing it down to a local tribe that I am proud to belong to is what shaped Sorai.

Thank you to all Sorai's visitors and customers and to our followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and for all the 'like' and feedback.

We, at Sorai thank you all for your continued support.

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